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Card Survival is a card-based survival experience. Stranded on a deserted Tropical Island you must use your wits and skills to stay alive. Use cards and combine them together to explore, gather resources and craft useful tools.


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Version 1.05o

Updated at Wednesday, August 16th

Note: Versions changed through the hotfixes don't count, due to limited changes.

Card Survival's Changelog: Update 39

[Important Announcements]

Hello everyone! Update 39 is here!

First we'd like to let you know that from now on, new updates will not go immediately live on the official version of the game, but will instead be available on a new update branch. This way we can release new content faster without compromising the stability of the game for most players. Once the new updated has been tested enough we'll just merge the branches and the content will become available to all players.

If you want to get to the new content now, accessing the Update Branch is very easy, all you need to do is to follow these steps:

1) Go to your Steam Library and right click on Card Survival. 2) Click on Properties. 3) Go to BETAS. 4) Select "updatebranch" in the dropdown list.

The next time you hit play you will be playing in Update 39.

On a side note: We actually had more content that we wanted to add for this update but this month has been so crazy and busy that we had to cut some of our planned things. In any case, we'll add these things to the next update.

Next on our list is the Mac/iOS version, localisation to other languages and performance improvements. We'll keep you all update in our next announcements. ;)

By the way, lately it's been getting specially hard for me to keep up with all our forum and discord messages. We read everything but I just don't have the time to answer things as often as I used to. I'll make sure to catch up to all next week as soon as I finish with some priorities I need to focus on during the weekend. ;)

[Content List]

Quality of Life Improvements: Blueprint Liquid Requirements, Storms Destruction and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Food-Related Improvements: Digestive System, Eating Utensils and more.

Copper-Related Improvements: Metalworking, Recycling Copper, Copper Decorations, Copper Liquid Containers and more.

Tailoring-Related Improvements: Needle Improvements and Repairing Clothes mechanic.

Additional Features: Bow Drill, Pottery Wheel and more.

[Minor Additions]

+ Baby can now be renamed.
+ Fallen trees can now be found while exploring the jungles.
+ Added art for the Seagull Charm.
+ Perk-exclusive stats are no longer visible when those perks are not equipped.
+ Tourniquets can now be used on shark bites.

Have a great weekend everyone. Until next time!

- Gwim & Plissken, the amazing Devs' duo

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